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Lou Macari’s Totally Unbiased Premier League Preview

by Aidan Elder | August 8, 2011

Hi Lou. You’re a former Manchester United player and current employee of the club’s TV station, could you – in the most unbiased and impartial way possible – tell us who’ll win the Premier League? Only kidding – tell us why United will win another league.

At the moment you’ve got to be with United. Without a doubt they have the strongest squad, they’re unbeaten in pre-season – although you can’t read much into that – but they laid down a marker in the Community Shield. You just get the feeling they’ll have the better of Man City over the course of the season. I’ve got a feeling that the wise old owl, Sir Alex Ferguson has a little too much in hand over his rivals. My only concern is there are a lot of new faces coming in. I’ll be having a bet, but I’m going to wait until the first three games of the season are over. I want to be sure the young players they’ve brought in are able to handle the Premier League. I’ll be lumping on at whatever price with Paddy Power if they manage to come through those three games with a reasonable amount of points.

I wouldn’t dismiss Chelsea because I know the manager quite well from when he was working with Mourinho. He was at Old Trafford several times scouting United and I was sat beside him a few times. I got the impression he’s a clever operator. I think they’ve got a decent manager, a decent squad of players, but can they get close to Man Utd? I think it’ll be close throughout the season and it’s a question of them maintaining that. I’m not so sure Torres will be firing for them, but they’ve got young Daniel Sturridge back. I wouldn’t overlook Chelsea, but I think and I hope they finish second to Man Utd.

Lou, we all know that you’ll end up choosing a Man Utd player as your pick for the Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting but would you mind beating around the bush for a minute or so before you say ‘Wayne Rooney’?

I’m not worried about how many runners and riders you have in your Premier League Top Goalscorer betting, I’ve narrowed it down to five runners. I can’t see past these five. What people have got to understand is if you’re playing regularly, that’s obviously a big, big help. If you’re taking penalty kicks, it’s an even bigger help. If you’re not going to be in the team week in, week out even though you’re are a good goalscorer, you really have very little chance of being Top Premier League Goalscorer.

Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez are two obvious ones. Will they play every week? This is the only downside for me. I don’t think they’ll be the front two week in, week out home and away, so I’ve got slight doubts about either of those two. Sergio Aguero has come in at Man City and you would expect him to play most weeks. Luis Suarez at Liverpool likewise and the old faithful, even though he’s not that old, Darren Bent. That’s my five and I think you can take your pick from those five. I don’t give Torres any chance whatsoever; Robin van Persie – he’s starting the season with a knock, will he pick up more knocks during the season?; Didier Drogba isn’t guaranteed to be playing every week. That leads me back to my five and of the five, I wouldn’t have the greatest faith in three of them, so I’m going for Wayne Rooney to be top Premier League Goalscorer for the season.

Thanks. Now Lou, even though it’s not possible, could you tip up four teams to get relegated please?

I’m not surprised there’s been a lot of money for Blackburn because the end of their season wasn’t great. Steve Kean is a rookie manager; the new owners seem to be promising a lot, but not delivering; I can see why people are going for it. Another team I wouldn’t rule out of the equation is Bolton. I think Owen Coyle is a good manager and he did well at the beginning, but the wheels seem to be coming off. They were shocking in that semi-final against Stoke when they made Stoke look like the best team in the Premier League. Then the following week they got a lucky win at the Reebok where Arsenal absolutely bombarded them. Then the true Bolton came to light from then until the end of the season when they hardly won a game. They’ve lost a couple of players from the squad, they haven’t brought anyone in, they look like they’re going to lose their centre-half – in fact they look desperate to sell him – I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get relegated.

Of the promoted sides, I think one of them will survive. There’s a big step up from Championship level to the Premier League, but sometimes passion and commitment can be enough. I think one of them will stay in the Premier League and of the three, QPR are the most likely to stay up.

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