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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | August 8, 2011

It’s funny how these things work out. For the entire history of the Whose Career Is It Anyway? I’ve spent my Tuesday going through hundreds and hundreds of obscure footballers that will tantalise and tease your competitive senses. Then – after finally deciding on the player who I think will give you the maximum of headwreck – I’ve stuck the competition up on the blog and in about 0.35 seconds someone has fired back the correct answer. And generally that was followed by hundreds more correct answers, somewhat bursting my ‘perplexing quizmaster’ bubble.

Last week I threw together a competition in a hurry, didn’t put much thought into it and it turned out to be the toughest one of the lot. I spent the week fielding questions about the accuracy of the map, getting told how that’s not where Wolverhampton/Liverpool/Stoke etc is and generally reading answers that declared ‘it absolutely, positively HAS to be Joleon Lescott’. It wasn’t Joleon Lescott. It was a little bit tricky for the reason two of the clubs aren’t exactly household names – one of the clubs now plays in the North West Counties League and the other has gone a bit Prince with it’s name down through the years.

Without further ado, it was former Man City goalkeeping legend and prisoner of war, Bernhard Carl Trautmann, better known to most people as Bert ‘It’s only a broken neck, I’ll be fine’ Trautmann. According to the admittedly dubious claims of Wikipedia, after the war he played for St. Helens Town AFC, Manchester City and then Wellington Town who went on to known as Telford United before settling on AFC Telford United. Sorry if that wrecked your head for the last week, but at least it exercised the grey matter.

After retweets and facebook shares, the prize became a €/£95 Free Bet and as we had only a handful of correct answers the names in the hat were minimal. Sadly there can be only one name plucked and that was the name of Mike Hill. Congratulations Mike and commiserations to the other few who got the correct answer, but lacked the sufficient good fortune to win. If I’d known in advance it was going to prove so tough I would have arranged runners-up prizes, but not for the first time in my life, I’ve displayed an almost shambolic lack of foresight. Sorry to all participants in this competition and friends, family and countless romantic conquests oover the years. And ‘countless’ is the wrong word – I can very defintely count them. Without the need for double digits.

Thanks for all your entries, apologies for the unexpected toughness and we’ll have more competition fun soon.


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