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Video: Oh Joey!

by Rob Dore | August 15, 2011

Any controversial incident involving Joey Barton, and this won’t be the last, will undoubtedly draw greater attention because of his chequered past. Against Arsenal on Saturday his angry reaction to Gervinho’s dive would have been influenced by Song’s earlier stamp and of the three “offences”, his theatrical reaction was the lesser. That’s not to excuse it but at least he came out and admitted his guilt via Twitter. Which is more than we can expect from Arsene Wenger. There’s been very little mention of the Song incident, which was disgusting and for which he should be banned, but there has been plenty more negative exposure for Barton. If any other Newcastle player was involved would they receive the same attention? Does Barton deserve to have his on-field behaviour dissected because of his track record? Or is he just an easy way for the papers to crank up the sensationalism and, more importantly, their sales figures?

What do you think?

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