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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | August 15, 2011

And also a load of other people currently scratching their heads in befuddlement. For the second week in a row, a hurried and seemingly innocuous pick for Whose Career Is It Anyway? has stumped the finest minds to have ever played the game. And some minds who aren’t so fine ; )

To make an obligatory word count short, the answer was Alan Smith, the one who scored for Arsenal on that famous night at Anfield, not the one whose most famous moment at Anfield was breaking his leg attempting to stop a John Arne Riise shot. He played for Arsenal (obviously) but prior to that had stints at Leicester and Alvechurch (currently operating in the Midland Alliance League) and the minnows from just southwest of Birmingham seem to be the club that has caused all the trouble. Bad luck to everyone who guessed Muzzy Izzet and Stephen Clemence – they were very good guesses – almost too good for this competition.

As ever, there is a slightly topical angle to it and on this occasion the angle is Smith is featured leaping like a somewhat immobile salmon to score the winning goal in Sky Sports latest attempt to ram the fact that the Premier League is back down our throat. It’s strange that he didn’t come to mind for more people, especially since the ad is being played approximately every 4 seconds on one of the several channels of Murdoch Enterprises.

Still though, the aim of the game was to give people who got it right a good chance of winning and thanks to the low number of correct answers, the person who’s knowledge of random footballer’s, geography skills and good fortune aligned perfectly to give them was Bryan Bulmer. Thanks to everyone’s shameless pimping of the competition around the internet, the original £50 Free Bet has been ‘social networkally’ enhanced to a £71 Free Bet. Congratulations Bryan and better luck next time to the masses of weren’t so fortunate on this occasion.

There’ll be more competition fun very soon!


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