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Win A Free Bet Of A Good Bit More Than £/€50

by Aidan Elder | August 16, 2011

After bamboozling people for a couple of weeks in a row, Whose Career Is It Anyway? has got a bit big for his boots so he’s been sent to where all our staff who have a little too much ego and not much by way of ability go – the marketing department. He’ll spend the next few days listening to Paddy Power telling him the science behind picking so many terrible tips and trying to secure free tickets to pretty much everything that’s going on anywhere in the world.

We’ve gone a bit old school for this week’s competition – and hopefully found a competition that hasn’t been ruined by a combination of Google and Wikipedia. We’ve gone for an old time Spot The Ball competition and for no other reason than I lack the Photoshop skills to hide a football, its spot the hockey ball. Simply tell us where you think the ball is on the below image. And although privately we’ll chuckle childishly every time someone says H7 or S8, you’re only feeding the stereotype of female hockey players being butch and that’s grossly unfair. And more importantly you’ll be wasting your guess.

Win A Free Bet

Because there are a finite number of possibilities, we’re restricting it to one guess per person BUT (and there’s always a but) if you subscribe to receive notifications of new Blog Posts on the Paddy Power Blog via the text box in the top right hand corner of the page, you’ll be entitled to have a second guess. If you’ve already subscribed to receive notifications of Site Posts (and we have a list, so we know!) then go ahead and have two guesses. Stick your answers in the comments section below and when it asks for an email address, try to use the one associated with your account. (It just makes my job easier and I’m incredibly lazy). In the event that more than one person gets it right, the winner will be drawn at random, but I’m not expecting too many correct guesses, so if you get it right you’re probably going to have a decent chance of winning.

*Please note that subscriptions to receive notifications about blog comments do NOT count for a second guess. If you haven’t already, You need to subscribe via the Email Subscribe button on the top right of the page (it’s the one with the overly enthusiastic ‘Sign Me Up!’ button – pictured right). Stick your email address in there, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, click on the link in that email and you should be set up.*

The prize will start out as a €/£50 Free Bet, but as ever, we’ll enhance that for sufficient pimping of the competition around the interweb. We’ll add one pound/euro to the overall prize for each retweet of this tweet or Facebook share of this competition. Heck, we’ll even add one €/£1 for every Google+ share we get, but we highly doubt it because that’s catching fire like damp timber. ; ) Ho ho! Social network jibe!

Best of luck to one and all and as ever, I’ll be contactable via the comments section if any clarification or gentle mockery is required. Get your answers in before midnight on Sunday 21st August.

– Paddy Power decision is final. No moaning.
– If you put down more guesses than you are entitled to for whatever reason, your first valid guess will count as your entry and others will be ignored.
– Maximum size of the Free Bet will be £/€150
– Entrants must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and remember George and Zippy off of Rainbow.



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