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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | August 23, 2011

Last week’s Spot The Ball competition was a nice little chance for a stroll down Memory Lane to a time when competitions couldn’t be ruined by Google or Wikipedia or all the other various things on the internet that I don’t know about but probably facilitate cheating anyway. In that respect, it was a complete success, but from the point of view of most of the entrants to the competition, it was a complete failure as you more than likely got it wrong by either being too clever or too obvious.

It was kind of trick question, but only a trick in the time-honoured tradition of Spot the Ball competitions.

Free Bet Winner

Sure their eyes are looking at one place, but the ball had in fact squirmed away to somewhere in the region of B8 and A8 – we would have accepted either answer. As it happened, a few people guessed B8 and the winner drawn at random is Adam R. Ironically, for all my attempts at stamping down on being able to find the answers somewhere on the interweb, he knew it was Pegasus which makes me think he had access to the library of images and was able to get the right answer without the need for an incorrect guess. I have precisely no proof of this and even if I did, it’s well within the vague rules of the game that I outline every week, so well done Adam, your ability to log into an archive of sports photos in unparalleled ; )

Thanks to everyone’s tireless pimping of the competition around the web, the basic prize package of a Free €50 Bet has been increased to a Free €79 Bet. Someone even shared it on LinkedIn. Haha! A Spot the Ball competition on LinkedIn – don’t think that’s going to do your job prospects a whole lot of good, but thank you nonetheless. anonymous LinkedIn sharer.

Stayed tuned to the blog for more competition fun later.


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