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by Aidan Elder | August 24, 2011

The (n)ever popular Who’s Career Is It Anyway? is back! We’d like to add ‘by popular demand’ but in reality no-one is too bothered about its return and it’s more ‘by lack of any other good ideas’. The most recent incarnations of WCIIA were pretty tough so this week’s is intended to be a little bit easier. It shouldn’t take too much googling or Wikipedia-ing to get to the bottom of it. It’s the same as ever – the flags pinned into our map of dubious geographical accuracy represent a club this player has played for in the course of his or her career and you’ve to tell us who that person is. I would say there’s a topical angle to it, but it’s more a tenuous link that I can waffle my way into saying is topical.

Win A Free Bet

As usual send your answer to and if you can be arsed, use the subject line ‘Popular demand is over-rated anyway’. You’re allowed to have more than one guess, but anything judged to be taking the piss (mainly cutting and pasting of names en masse) will result in instant disqualification and the addition of your name to the list of Paddy Power Journalists’ Enemies currently pinned to our wall featuring the names of Thierry Henry, whoever created Glee and that person wot invented proper grammar. In the event of more than one correct answer, the winner will be drawn at random at some stage next Monday morning when my brain creaks into action.

The prize will start off as a Free €/£50 Bet, but will receive a £/€1 boost every time this tweet gets retweeted or this competition gets shared on Facebook or Google+. That normally bumps the prize up rather substantially so shamelessly pimping it around the interweb is on your interests, especially if you plan on winning.

Get your answers in before midnight on Sunday 28th August.

Obligatory Conditions
– Paddy Power decision is final. If you moan we’ll find out where you live and throw eggs at your house.
– Max prize will be £/€150 no matter how many retweet/shares more than that we get.
– Entrants must have a account and must be old enough to remember a time when players wanted to play for Arsene Wenger.


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