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And The Winner Is …

by Aidan Elder | August 29, 2011

I was kind of hoping all the extra stops in last week’s Whose Career Is It Anyway? would have added a level of confusion to the what was an otherwise pretty straightforward round of the world’s favourite geography and football trivia based competition. It didn’t really and aside from a bizarrely high number of guesses for the artist formerly known as Abel Xavier, everyone was pretty much spot on. I say the artist formerly known as Abel Xavier, because according to everyone’s favourite online unreliable encyclopaedia, he’s done a Cat Stevens on it and converted to Islam and changed his name to Faisel Xavier. See, bonus football trivia. Sadly for us, his contribution to the Premier League fell someway short of being the footballing equivalent of Moonshadow.

The answer was former Man Utd and Bolton squad player, Quinton Fortune or – to accurately reflect the quizzical nature of the guesses hazarded – ‘Quinton Fortune?’. A lot of people got it right so I bundled all the names into a metaphorical hat and the name drawn at random (not a metaphor) was that of Richard Carroll. Congratulations Richard. Thanks to everyone bothering their ‘friends’ around the various social media platform, the original €50 Free Bet has been beefed up to a €93 Free Bet.

Thanks again to everyone who took part and a special mention goes out to Paddy Power Blog regular, bohsmark who despite tearing ligaments playing football and going to hospital, got his correct answer in a couple of hours before the midnight deadline. That’s commitment. Well done, but you lacked the sufficient jamminess to be drawn out of the hat. Wow – Lady Luck really gave you a kicking yesterday.

We’ll have more competition fun when I think of a decent new idea.


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