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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | September 7, 2011

As ever, a few themes were apparent in last week’s Blog Caption Competition. Arsenal’s crumbling at Old Trafford was the inspiration for a large chunk of answers as were ‘heads shoulders knees and toes’ and the subject of bowel movements. And there were nob gags. Lots and lots of nob gags. Now obviously the mega-tight lycra world of athletics does make a certain amount of lunchbox-watching inevitable, but the sheer volume of answers addressing the topic … wow – let’s just say Freud would have had a field day with this week’s blog competition and we were hugely relieved not to have used the picture of the female pole-vaulter.

There were a lot of hilarious answers that didn’t fall into those categories and it was mainly those ones that we put forward to our panel of comedy experts. After much debate and discussion, it was decided that Smoggie was the winner for his attempt:

Speculation continues as Caster Semenya’s top comes off during race

Win A Free Bet

Thanks to some excellent pimping of the competition across the various forms of social media, the original €50 Free Bet prize has been massively inflated to a €138 Free Bet. Congratulations Smoggie and thanks to everyone who took part and bothered all their social network ‘friends’ by throwing it in their face.

We’ll have more competition fun shortly.


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