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by Aidan Elder | September 7, 2011

Damn you rugby players. With your not throwing yourself on the ground every few seconds in simulated agony. And your not demanding to leave one club to play for another club who you’ve always wanted to play for and who – purely by coincidence – are offering to pay you substantially more money. It makes me sick. Especially when I have to come up with a special rugby union edition of Whose Career Is It Anyway?

Yes, as it’s the start of the Rugby World Cup, I thought this week’s Whose Career Is It Anyway? could only really be a rugby-themed special. Then I realised that rugby players don’t tend to do much moving clubs and that makes most of their careers less of a career path and more of a career spot. Damn loyalty! But I’m nothing if not tenacious to the point of stupidity, so I stuck with it and came up with this one – something which will prove easier than upsetting the nation of New Zealand by wearing black when you’re not a Kiwi or prove more difficult than believing Danny Cipriani’s claims he didn’t actually know it was a dude. Each flag represents each of the clubs that this person played senior rugby for during his career and your job is to decipher who he is.

******** Please note: there’s a few clues in the comments section below*********

Win A Free Bet

And don’t panic – Australia haven’t evicted Ireland from Europe; it’s merely for graphical purposes. Send your answers to with the subject line “Did the Adam’s Apple not give it away, Danny?”. Or just leave the subject line blank – it doesn’t really matter. You’re allowed to have more than one guess and in the highly likely event that more than one person can use Wikipedia well enough to uncover the correct answer, the winner will be drawn at random.

The prize that you’re battling it out for is a Free €/£50 Bet, but for every retweet of this tweet that we get or share on Facebook or Google+ we get, we’ll add €/£1 to the total.

Get your answers in before midnight on Monday 12th September and clues may be given if it’s more of a struggle than I first anticipated.

– Paddy Power decision is final. Moaning is pointless
– Max Free bet is €/£150
– Entrants must have a valid and be over the age of 18, which probably involves knowing that Matt Damon wasn’t actually a Springbok.



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