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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | September 13, 2011


Just to clarify, the reference to Danny Cipriani in last week’s competition was a cheap joke, not a really obvious clue. I know some other competitions make the question moronically simple and basically give you the answer, but this isn’t one of them. The difference between those competitions and this one is they make money from getting people to text in whereas all I get out of this competition is a Tuesday morning of sifting through emails featuring the right answer, several wrong answers (most of which said Danny Cipriani) and several invitations to sample the latest in penis-enlargement ‘medicine’.

So, to the answer. It wasn’t Danny Cipriani. It was something of a curveball albeit a curveball it didn’t take too long to figure out. Yes, this player was a Rugby World Cup legend, but because of his coaching exploits rather than his playing prowess. The answer was Sir Clive Woodward who played for England before going on to coach the Sweet Chariot to glory in the 2003 World Cup and milk it relentlessly with various cushy jobs since. He represented Harlequins, Leicester, Loughborough University and Manly during his senior career and hopefully that’s roughly what those flags suggested to you.

We had plenty of social media pimping out of the competition so that original prize of a €/£50 Free Bet has been inflated to a whopping €/£132 Free Bet. And without further ado, the winner of that whopping prize is Jess Taylor. Congratulations Jess – your jamminess and knowledge of geography and rugby have combined to make you this week’s winner.

We’ll have more competition fun soon.


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