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Video: After Seeing This, No-one Can Ever Accuse Ally McCoist Of Acting

by Aidan Elder | September 14, 2011

In a break from the tradition of highlighting footballers doing really stupid stuff on the football pitch, here’s a video of a footballer doing something stupid off the football pitch. I have no idea how something so delightful escaped my attention for so long, but the wait has made its discovery all the more joyous. Like when I found out about pre-grated cheese for the first time.

It’s called A Shot At Glory and – if possible – it makes Scottish football look even worse than normal. Ally McCoist basically plays Ally McCoist as a high-profile player who is signed to help a small town cliché from being wiped out altogether and along the way he learns how to love or some shite like that. It stars Robert Duvall’s atrocious Scottish accent, Michael Keaton and what looks to be Katy Perry from 15 years into the future and Mark Knopfler recorded the sound-track so clearly about some point there was the frankly insane notion that this was actually going to be a successful movie.

If you want to know more, it’s currently retailing for the princely sum of $1.58 on Amazon, but as Amazon warns us ‘Only 3 left in stock – order soon’. Take 20 years and I still think they’ve have some in stock.
Honestly his Rangers team could get beaten 27-0 by Celtic this weekend and this would still be more embarrassing.


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