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Rich Older Man In ‘Taking Care of Younger Attractive Blonde Woman’ Shock

by Aidan Elder | September 16, 2011

Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism – I detest all. I was only saying the same thing to my uncle Paddy in last week’s departmental meeting. It’s disgraceful.

We’re certainly not questioning Carolyn Still’s credentials to become chief executive of Mansfield Town at the tender age of 29, but plenty of people are, especially after rumours began to circulate about a possible romantic link with the club owner, John Radford. Again – nothing strange about that. Lots of people fall in love after working with someone else. People are always telling you not to dip you nib in the company ink, but plenty do and there’s not always horrendous complications. In fact, some people love it and do it as a matter of course – they love getting their hands lovely and smudgy with all that company ink. If that didn’t have workplace romance we wouldn’t have the wonderful conglomeration of Hellenic beauty and random children that is Brangelina.

So, we reckon it’s completely plausible that a beautiful young woman could fall in love with a man who happens to be much older than her, look like a pervy potato and be a man of wealth and power. Love is a mysterious force. Clearly at some point in the not too distant past; she looked at Radford and said “Sugardaddy … I mean John … I think I’m falling for you.” Ms. Still could totally – as she claims – “worked hard to get where I am” and not just got the job more for her skills in the bedroom rather than the boardroom.

And to quell the doubters even further, here’s more evidence that it’s not a completely indiscriminate appointment of the owner’s alleged lover – she has worked for Gucci and Bulgari in past – what better way to prepare yourself for the glamour of … em … Mansfield? Sadly, in the course of her previous experience she didn’t learn that answering “I don’t feel it’s appropriate, at this stage, to comment” to a question about your personal life and why you’ve been handed a job that you don’t seemed suited to doesn’t do much to quench the thirst for salacious gossip.

Someone’s clearly getting screwed, although fans of the Stags will hope it’s not the club.

Here’s the full story from the Daily Mail. If any of what I wrote turns out to be untrue, sue them. I stole most of it from them.


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