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Everyone Loves Seeing A Kick In The Nuts, Except The Guy In This Video

by Aidan Elder | September 21, 2011

This has been floating around the interweb for a few weeks at this stage, but no-one sent it to me in a forwarded email until now so I didn’t see it. It’s euphemistically labelled a kick to the ‘groin’, but although I’m no doctor, this guy didn’t get hit in the groin, he got firmly walloped squarely in the genitals. If you’re a guy you’ll wince, if you’re a girl you’ll probably still wince and if you’re Lady Gaga you’ll probably think twice about including a camogie element to your live performances.

I’m not sure exactly where it’s from, but it looks dull, dismal and hopeless so I’m guessing Roscommon. If you’re watching this in work, I wouldn’t hang around too long after the video ends and it seems to point to a door that leads to a very niche and troubling (if you’re the owner of one or more testicles) form of fetish. *SHUDDER*


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