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We Have A Winner

by Aidan Elder | October 3, 2011

I’ve a new found appreciation for the poor unfortunate soul who has to put together the picture round on Question of Sport. Mainly because he or she is probably subjected to lifetime’s worth of ‘banter’ from Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell during the recording of the show, but also because it’s more difficult than I thought. Last week I actually thought I was making it easier than the first week, but the level of correct answers coming through last week suggested it was substantially harder. When you’re looking at the photo with the name beside it, it’s hard not to think ‘although I can only see one eyelash and a quarter of an earlobe, I call totally tell that’s Monica Seles.’ Surprisingly, when you don’t have the names in front of you it’s substantially less straightforward. Whoda thunk it?

Anyway, we had very few entries that got all of them right. And by very few I mean one. We also had one person who got 1 out of 12. Now sometimes people only fill in a few answers and leave the others blank, but this was comfortably the worst score of anyone who has ever attempted all 12 answers. Better luck next time, Mr. Wonder.

The answers were:
Monica Seles, Dan Carter, Juan Pablo Angel, AP McCoy (that was a very sneaky one)
Dick Advocaat, Fabio Cannavaro, Damon Hill, Kobe Bryant
Melissa Reid, Oscar de la Hoya, Oscar Pistorious, Martin Johnson

The only person to get 12/12 was Paul Sullivan. He’s either brilliant at recognising sports stars or he has developed a clever system of cheating because he also won last week’s picture competition. Either way, he’s the best at something and that’s good enough for us. After pimping the competition around the internet, the overall prize is a Free €76 Bet. Congratulations Paul, you’ve battered our Picture Board game into submission.

We’ll have more competition fun soon.


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