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Video: Kevin The Tipster – France v Wales

by Rob Dore | October 14, 2011

Let’s get this straight, it’s a sheep who most likely isn’t even called Kevin or if he is, he has no conscious realisation of being labelled with this very non-sheep nomenclature. So if you actually write in and complain about his powers of prediction then you need to take a long hard look at yourself. However, if you’re happy to let an animal playing a fictional character choose your bets, then you should call my tipping hotline. Rob’s all-in-one Tips and Horoscopes Hotline 08900 58008 58008, where you can have your future told by the farm animal of your choice. Call now and listen to a load of generic nonsense which could apply to anyone but which your desperation for answers and a sense of purpose will shape to your specific personal circumstances. (only €49.95 a minute for the first five minutes and €99.95 a minute thereafter.)


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