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Win A Large Free Bet, The Amount Of Which Is TBD

by Aidan Elder | October 18, 2011

If you’re a loyal and long-serving/suffering reader of the Paddy Power Blog then you’ll recognise this week’s competition as a rehashing of a game we did a couple of years ago, but if you’re more of a newbie, then it’s another fine example of my breath-taking ingenuity when it comes to developing competitions the advent of Google hasn’t destroyed.

It’s easy enough to get your head around. Simply piece together the visual clues to come up with the name of someone or something associated with the world of sports. I’d say they’re all fairly topical, but by that I mean I don’t think they’re totally random or obscure. Providing you’re not a foetus, they all should be names you’ve heard in the course of your lifetime of watching sports. Don’t get too literal either. Sometimes the pictorial clue is simply to provide a sound that sounds something like the sound in the answer. An example would be the below:

Win A Free Bet

Sure it looks straightforward now you know the answer, but if you took the images a little too literally, you’d probably have guessed something like ‘Numbers Public Urination Hamburger Peny’ which isn’t the name of any sporting entity we’re familiar with. That’s the best I can do with regard to expressing what feels like a cogent concept in my head so without further ado, here’s the visual riddles you have to solve:

Win A Free Bet

After you’ve got the grey matter firing up sufficiently, put your 5 answers in an email and send it to with the subject line ‘Wow – that really is breath-taking ingenuity in quizzing’. Ok – apart from feeding my ego – the subject line isn’t important, so feel free to leave it blank. Answers in the comment section WILL NOT COUNT as entries into the competition. Use the comments section for boasting, begging for clues I probably won’t give you or general observations on life, but only emailed entries are going to count for the competition.

It’s one entry per person, but you are allowed more than one guess. Your most recent answer is the one that will be counted in the competition. If you enter once and get 4 out of 5 and then enter again later in the week only to get 3 out of 5, it’s the 3/5 that will count. Sorry – it’s tough but fair. In the likely event more than one person gets all five correct, the winner will be drawn at random and although this feels like the same stuff I write every week, you should probably keep reading because it is in fact slightly different and I would say – better.

The prize will begin life as a wee little €/£50 Free Bet, but if you can successfully retweet this tweet or share this competition on Facebook, Google+ or even pester your work associates on LinkedIn, we’ll add one euro or pound to the overall 1st prize. And as there was no competition last week, [BONUS CONSOLATION BIT] we’ll take last week’s €/£50 Free Bet, split it in half and use is as two runners-up prizes so if you’re not lucky enough to be drawn out as the winner of the big first prize, you might be lucky enough to land one of the smaller yet still perfectly formed runners-up free bets.

Get your answers in before 10am on Monday 24th October and I’ll pick out a winner whenever I’m finished cyber-stalking on Facebook. Good luck and I’ll be available for competition related queries (not clues) on this blog or via Twitter @AidanWaffles_PP
– Customers must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and have been alive for the vast majority of the 24 years it’s been since Ireland qualified for a European Championships.
– Maximum size of the free bet will be €/£150.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be ridiculed.


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