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Video: Shane Long Lucky To Be Alive

by Rob Dore | October 25, 2011

Here’s a clip of Alan Hutton’s shocking tackle on Shane Long which the referee deemed perfectly fine. The West Brom striker could now be out for six weeks with a chipped bone on his knee and is likely to miss Ireland’s Euro 2012 play-off with Estonia.

The worst thing about this incident is Alan Hutton’s horrific challenge of course, but the second worst thing about this is not that the referee made the mistake, because the wrong angle or an obstructed view or any other number of factors could be to blame, but it is that the Aston Villa player is unlikely to be punished retrospectively. Despite this video evidence. I’m guessing the powers that be would have access to a version which hasn’t be videoed from the tv using a mobile phone. Referees are going to make mistakes, that’s just the fallibility of the human condition, but when they the have technology at their disposal but stubbornly refuse to use it, then incidents like this will continue to go unpunished.

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