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We Have A Winner (And Some Runners Up)

by Aidan Elder | October 25, 2011

Our latest attempt to create a competition that can’t be readily solved by a quick google or visit to Wikipedia and tries to reward people with the right combination of problem-solving ability, sports knowledge and sheer pluck went pretty well. I’m tentatively calling it a roaring success the like of which we’ve never seen before.

In a break with tradition, we didn’t rip off a BBC show for our competition and instead asked you to give us the names of some sports related things being represented by a series of seemingly random pictures. It was a little bit tricky, but anyone who stuck with it for more than 5 minutes seems to have cracked the visual riddles. Here’s the answers – along with the what the pictures themselves were attempting to represent:

#1 Al Capone, Anne Hathaway, a bread roll, ampersand = Alain Rolland
#2 Being rich, a herd of cows, Hugh Grant/Hugh Laurie/Hugh Hefner = Richard Hughes
#3 A TomTom, an ass, rowing, pulling a sickie = Tomas Rosicky
#4 Dan Aykroyd, a knee, a well and Beck = Danny Welbeck
#5 A baby which was used to represent the concept of ‘new’ (sorry, I had no other ideas), Dwight Yorke, Jan Molby, piano keys = New York Yankees

Surprisingly, we didn’t get a whole lot of correct answers, so if you did get them right, your luck deserted you for you not to have won a prize. Even more surprisingly, we got rather a lot of positive feedback which means I’ll no doubt be flogging the format to death at some stage in the near future.

As there were several correct answers, we went to the randomness of pulling names out of a metaphorical hat. With winner of the £/€50 Free Bet that got inflated to a €/£76 Free Bet thanks to shameless social network plugging of the competition is Glenn Mahon. Congratulations Glenn. The runners-up whose answers differed from Glenn’s only in terms of how much jamminess accompanied them are Robert Kenny and Paul Dooley who both land a €/£25 Free Bet.

We’ll have more competition fun soon.


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