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Video: Retiring Zidane Style

by Rob Dore | October 26, 2011

Moldovan international Julian Bursuc has avoided a lengthy ban from the game by retiring. The midfielder gets into an argument with the linesman and when the referee comes over to sort things out, Bursuc throws a snappy little lead right which catches the ref. All credit to the man in black who literally takes it on chin. With no need to convince the ref that he’d just been punched, there’s also no need to grab his face and roll around like a (I’m not going to say woman, little girl or small child because this comparison would be both offensive to and entirely unfair on those groups) professional footballer.

I’m not going to condone what Bursuc did but if my lotto numbers ever come up, well, I’ll be taking a few boxing lessons before handing my notice in.


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