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Video: Rafael Marquez You Diving Mofo

by Rob Dore | November 1, 2011

The kids still say mofo, right?

Since joining the New York Red Bulls last summer Rafael Marquez has been working hard to become as unpopular as he possibly can. He’s already received a ban for slagging off his own team-mates and has had more than few moans about the general standard of the league, despite his own standard being well below par on more than one occasion. Then he goes and does this. Marquez’ time in New York may not last much longer than the Red Bulls’ play-off run after he instigated a fight, throws and misses with a head-butt and a punch before performing a dive so ludicrous that it would make Rivaldo hang his head in shame. I’m not entirely sure what happened to the Coloccini look-alike either. Embarrassing stuff boys.


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