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Video: Scum. No Other Word For It

by Rob Dore | November 1, 2011

I mentioned somewhere on this blog last week how I think that any fan who enters the field of play during a game should be doing so at their own risk, with the players allowed to give them as good a kicking as they can before the stewards step in. With the players going unpunished. A few rules of combat may need to be laid down. This clip should win me a few supporters.

Steaua Bucharest’s game against Petrolul Ploiesti was a feisty tarnished by some pretty undesirable behaviour. The worst of which was this scumbag being allowed to wander the length of the pitch and sucker punching Steau defender George Galamaz. In this ckip you can see the stewards refusing to follow him on the the pitch. Sack the lot of them for starters. The scumbag in question at least gets a fews kicks off Galamaz’ team-mates before being hauled off but the ref added insult to injury by sending them off for their understandable reaction. We can only hope those burly coppers were in the mood for a game of hide the baton back in the cells.

The match was eventually abandoned after the Steau keeper was hit with a flare and had to be taken to hospital. Fun times.


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