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Video: Swearing On TV Is F***ing Hilarious

by Rob Dore | November 1, 2011

Calling it an f-bomb makes it sound lame, in that Soccer AM, let’s make this crappy idea a fad by ramming it down your hungover throats every Saturday morning for an entire season, kind of way. However, swearing always will be an incredibly important part of how we express ourselves and, if there’s anyone under 18 reading this, no matter what your parents tell you, it is actually very cool and clever, if you choose the right moments to do it.

Here’s Arjen De Zeeuw letting one slip on Goals On Sunday. Being Dutch he doesn’t go overboard with the apologies and calmly finishes his story (which was improved by the use of swear words) whilst Kamara and Shepherd look as though he’s just whipped his lad out and pissed all over the studio floor. Which would also have been hilarious. I wonder if they’ll be booking Gerard Depardieu any time soon…


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