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We Have A Winner

by Aidan Elder | November 2, 2011

Right let’s keep this short and – in the case of precisely one person – sweet. The ball was in I10 as you can see from the below. Way more than 3 people got it correct, which – as per the rules outlined last week – means we’re resorting to ‘a luck of the draw’ type scenario and the person with all the good fortune was Liam Nolan who ends up with a Free €110 Bet for his troubles. I don’t know what Liam did to Lady Luck in the past, but she seems to have liked it and rewarded him accordingly.

Free Bet Winner

Sadly the Free Bet was only enhanced by €10 through sharing on the various social networks of this world, but Liam, don’t blame us, blame all the other competitors who didn’t share it with their friends for fear of their friends winning. Keep your friends close and likely opposition at a reasonable distance.

We’ll have more competition fun whenever I cobble together a non-cheatable competition for this week.


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