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Frankie Is Out Of It!….We Mean X Factor

by Rob Dore | November 8, 2011

Frankie may be out of it but you won't be out of pocket

“Singing” like an alley cat with tonsillitis for weeks on end wasn’t getting Frankie Cocozza kicked out, so they had to find another excuse and the “bad boy” of this year’s show has apparently given them one by breaking a “golden rule”. Luck is on your side if you backed him to win outright because Paddy Power is now refunding all bets on Frankie to win the X Factor, something which was never, ever, ever going to happen.

They won’t tell us which “golden rule” was broken but we’re pretty good at sniffing out the truth and hopefully we’ll be able to line it up for you soon and other thinly veiled drugs references. Wait I have one more….you’ll be getting and injection of cash into your account if you backed Frankie.

The best Frankie Cocozza joke will win a free bet. The best not the most offensive….but not, not the most offensive either.

Martin Randles gets a €20 free bet for his well delivered tattoos on the arse joke and damnskippi gets a £10 free bet for his disgustingly funny prostitute private parts joke. If any one else makes me laugh I’ll throw a free bet their way too.

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