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Stop Scratching Your Heads, We Have A Winner

by Aidan Elder | November 8, 2011

I didn’t think last week’s was especially difficult in comparison to the first one, but judging by the lack of correct answers, it stumped a good few of the greatest minds to have ever stumbled upon the Paddy Power Blog. The bad news is that lots of people didn’t get them all right, but that’s good news for the people that did get it right because the hat used to perform the draw didn’t need to be especially big and that’s kind of the aim of these competitions.

Right, to spare anyone anymore sleepless nights or stress headaches here’s a brief rundown and explanation of last week’s answers:

1. Ruby Walsh
Kangaroo or a ‘roo if we pretend we’re Australian; a B grade; the Great Wall Of China; a woman going ‘ssssshhhh’ (this should be particularly recognisable to any married men taking part in our competition)

2. Scott Carson
Very sneaky, but that was James Bond, aka Sean Connery and he is a Scot (sometimes – it depends on his tax affairs); the next picture is a car; and that was Will Smith with his son Jaden.

3. Graham Henry
Richard Gere’s grey hair; a lump of ham; another insufferable hen party; Rihanna but without the ‘hanna’ part of her name.

4. St. Johnstone
That was St. Francis of Assisi representing the concept of a saint; a toilet (aka the john); Sharon Stone (aka Flashy McLadybits from Basic Instinct)

5. Linford Christie
Wartime ‘keeping the spirits up’ songstress, Vera Lynn; a car, but more specifically a Ford; angry shouty comedian, Chris Rock; a golf ball and more importantly a golf tee.

Right, I gathered up all the correct answers (it didn’t take long) and the name pulled out of the aforementioned hat was that of Jonathan Gilmartin. Thanks to the sterling work of other people prepared to bother their ‘friends’ on the various social media, the original £50 Free Bet prize has been beefed up to a £81 Free Bet, so if you didn’t win, but you did share the competition you can console yourself with the fact you cost Paddy Power more money than he actually wanted to give away. Well done, much back slapping all round.

There’s more competition fun in our world famous pipeline of fun.


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