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Count Yourself Lucky, Mr. Hansson

by Aidan Elder | November 11, 2011

Right, Ireland are involved in a play-off match, so it’s virtually illegal not to mention the Thierry Henry handball a couple of years ago. Outrageous, injustice, cheating w@nk€r … blah, blah … etc. etc … yawn and all that. We had our moan for the about a year after that and the only place it got it was the punchline of a joke Sepp Blatter got to tell all his mates.

On a related theme is this clip from Ukraine. It’s tagged as being from the ‘lower divisions’. Damn right, it looks like it’s a level above a kickaround with your mates in the park. From what I can gather from the pidgin English, someone “scored a goal at hand” near the end, prompting an angry response from the locals. The clip ends before we get to find out what happens to the ref, but we fear the worst – he’s been appointed FIFA’s head of refereeing.


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