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We Have A Winner (And A Couple Of Runner-ups)

by Aidan Elder | November 16, 2011

The reaction to last week’s Whose Career Is It Anyway? could broadly be split into two camps. There were the people who looked at the map, briefly calculated the corresponding clubs, submitted the correct answer and returned to living their lives as normal. Then there were the others who looked at the map, looked at it some more, suspended all previous engagements in favour of staring at it some more before either stumbling upon the right answer or giving up and guessing with Peter Crouch. Some people found it easy, others found it more confusing than a David Lynch film so in truth I don’t know what to think. Certainly, I didn’t think it was especially hard when I put it together, but it did seem to bamboozle quite a few people.

The flags in the map should roughly (and I stress roughly) corresponded with Weymouth, Welling, Southampton, Norwich, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and West Bromich Albion. If you knew that, you may have been able to deduce that the career in question belonged to none other than former Ireland international and current ITV cliché machine, Andy Townsend. Even if you didn’t know all that, you might still have been able to conclude it was Andy Townsend. Either way, it was Andy Townsend and not Peter Crouch or Darren Anderton.

Thanks to your relentless flogging of the competition around the interweb, the prize fund was nourished from being a wee little €/£50 Free Bet to a big strong €/£104 Free Bet and thanks to your requests for more prizes, that’s being divvied up three ways (1st – 50%, 2x2nd – 25% each) and the overall winner is Michael Usher who gets a Free £52 Bet for figuring out who it was and having the good luck to be drawn out of the hat. The runners-up – whose efforts differed from Michael’s only in the amount of luck they had were Shane Walsh and Ben Cobb who get for themselves a Free €26 Bet and Free £26 Bet respectively.

Thanks again for all the entries and apologies for all the head-wrecking. We’ll have more competition fun in the not very distant future.


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