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We Have A Winner x3

by Aidan Elder | November 22, 2011

Number 3 seemed to be the major stumbling block in last week’s edition of the crappily named See It, Say It and I can understand why. It was tough, but then again it’s meant to be tough so the people who go out of their way to solve the puzzle have a better chance of winning something. I know it’s probably about as frustrating as explaining the concept of monogamy to a Premier League footballer, so I thank those of you who stick with it and

Tyrefoot Chickenlady was amongst the pick of the incorrect answers, but without further ado, here’s the solutions and a brief vague justification of my thought process.

1. Willie Carson
Prince William, aka Will to his friends and anyone who wants to make the royals sound more ‘gangsta’; that’s a person dropping an ‘e’ tablet; Alan Carr; the centre of our solar system and giver of life, the sun.

2. Buffalo Bills
You kind of needed to work backwards on this one. That torso in the first picture is clearly very sculpted or ‘buff’; the second picture was Rene and his annoying wife from the parade of political incorrectness that was ‘Allo, ‘Allo; Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and Bill Murray = Bills.

3. Roberto Baggio
A couple of tyres, which are made out of rubber; a pretty chubby set of toes but specifically one toe; a bhaji – not a piece of chicken which in fairness it looks a lot like; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – often referred to as Jackie O.

4. Didi (Dietmar or Didier were also accepted) Hamann
P. Diddy; some lovely looking ham and Princess Anne with some rather big hair.

So there you have it. Sorry about all the head-wrecking, but there was some kind of logic however small behind it all.
Rather than having a first prize and a couple of runners-up prize, we’re splitting the prize fund three ways. After retweets and social network shares, the total pool was €/£72. That means there’s 3 x €/£24 Free Bets up for grabs which is better than a kick in the ass. Ideally it would be more, but there wasn’t enough shameless plugging of the competition done on the social media platforms. The winners this week are Jamie (he didn’t leave a surname so I can only presume he’s doing that Prince or Madonna thing of just going by the one name), Joshua Knaggs and Gary Watson. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to anyone who didn’t have the good fortune to be drawn out of the hat. If it’s any consolation, there weren’t too many correct answers, so you weren’t too far away from winning.

There’s more competition fun on the way shortly.


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