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Everyone’s A Winner, But More Specifically These 3 People Are …

by Aidan Elder | November 29, 2011

I’ve always tried to get the subject of WCIIA to tie in with one of the bigger matches of any given weekend. I’d like to call it a ‘theme’, but in reality it’s more a ‘flimsy justification for picking a random obscure footballer’. It’s meant to be a vague and possibly totally ignored clue to at least point you in the right direction for your online wild goose chase. In this week’s competition, some of you seemed to pick up on the subtle hint and deciphered the riddle with relative ease whilst others struggled like Mario Balotelli struggles with sanity. Carlos Tevez – really? In the A-League? That sounds like a recipe for a hissy fit. Mind you, most clubs do when it comes to Tevez.

The flags were placed in such a way to illustrate the career of Danny Tiatto and the vague connection I was going for was ‘ha, ha – remember the time Man City had to make do with Danny Tiatto as a central midfielder as opposed to David Silva or Yaya Toure’. The living embodiment of an Australian stereotype graced the Maine Road pitch around the turn of the millennium. Prior to that he played for Bulleen Lions (no, me neither), Melbourne Knights, Salernitana in the lower portion of Italy’s boot, Baden in Switzerland, Stoke in Stoke and after his stint with City took in Leicester, Brisbane Roar, the Melbourne Knights again and now the St. Albans Saints who play not very far from where he was born.

The total prize pool came to €/£75 worth of Free Bets which means we’re handing out 3x €/£25 Free Bets. Yeah, I’d prefer if it was more too, but you’ve only got yourself to blame for not flogging the competition to death on the social networks. Tut tut. We had more than precisely 3 correct answers which necessitates a ‘metaphorical hat’ situation and the lucky names pulled out of the hat are those of Mark Holohan, Andy Meade and Marc Rudd. Bad luck to everyone else who figured out the correct answer but lacked the requisite jamminess to be plucked out of the hat – the sliver of comfort I offer you is you’re clearly pretty smart, just not very lucky.

The express train of blog competition fun is en route and will be delivering a new competition shortly!


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