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There’s A Pot Of Free Bet Gold At The End Of This Quiz

by Aidan Elder | November 30, 2011

Right, first things first.
I’ve designed this to be one of the more head-wrecking editions of See It, Say It. Too many people for my liking figured out it was Danny Tiatto last week so I’ve upped the difficulty for this week. Mind you, I’ve said that sort of thing in the past and people have found it easier than convincing a Kardashian to get married, so don’t get too discouraged. As I’ve ideologically waffled previously, I want to give the people who go to the effort of working out the answers a better chance of winning rather than running a competition where the answer is basically an insult to your intelligence and everyone gets entered into the hat.

As ever, it’s straightforward in the most convoluted of ways. The pictures represent 4 sports people or entities and your task is to figure out who or what I’m referring to. Be specific, be vague, use lateral thinking, use vertical thinking – do whatever you can to string together the pictures (roughly equivalent to one syllable of the name) and uncover the identity of the person, place or thing. (A previous example here if you need it)

Win A Free Bet

Send your answers to with or without the subject line ‘Try again chum, I’ve cracked it’. You’re allowed to have more than one guess, but it’s your most recent guess that will count for the competition.

DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. They won’t count as entries for the competition and may well give your rivals a vital clue they were looking for. You can use the comments section to beg for clues or get your competitors barking up the wrong tree, but don’t put any genuine guesses in there.

We’re scrapping the multiple prizes in favour of the more greedy ‘winner takes all’ policy. The ‘all’ will begin life as a Free £/50 Bet, but will grow to the tune of one euro or pound for every retweet of this tweet or share on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Get your answers in before 10am on Tuesday 6th December and in the likely event that we get more than one correct answer, I’ll draw the winners at random not long after. If you want, you can ask me questions or beg for clues in the comments section or on twitter where I cunningly blend into the community of opinionated nutters as @PaddyPowerAidan

Best of luck!

Obligatory Conditions
– Paddy Power decision is final. If you moan we’ll find out where you live and throw eggs at your house.
– Max prize will be £/€150 no matter how many retweets etc. more than that we get.
– Entrants must have a account and must be old enough to know S Club 7 announcing a new tour isn’t a good thing.


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