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Video: Kyle Orton Says Goodbye To Denver….Drunk

by Rob Dore | December 6, 2011

If you don’t know who Kyle Orton is or have have no interest in American Football then you might not find this to be very funny. If you take a chance and watch it but find you don’t like it because you don’t know who Kyle Orton is or you have no interest in American Football, don’t start bitching about it. You were warned.

After being ousted from the Broncos by the bible-bashing, pointing at the clouds every time he does something good Tim Tebow, Orton, now with the Chiefs, made this goodbye address to Denver. If he’s not actually getting drunk during the shoot, he plays the part well….because it’s an actor pretending to be Orton, of course. As if I’d actually put something up on the blog without researching it properly and then when a glaring error is pointed out by someone called Andrew I’d go back and correct my mistake and pretend as though it were a big joke all along. As if….ehem….


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