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We Have A (Very Lucky) Winner

by Aidan Elder | December 6, 2011

Last week, I tried to construct the most puzzling, mind-bending, cryptic blog competition in the history of the world. And that’s what happened. For about 3 minutes. It didn’t take long for a trickle of correct answers to come in, but soon that trickle became a torrent. I had been hoping that a flatcap would have sufficed for containing all the correct entries I got, but it’s now apparent that a top hat is more in order.

This week was supposed to be pretty abstract and difficult and whilst evidently it did cause a certain amount of head-scratching and bemusement, there were plenty of people who cracked the code. If you weren’t one of them, here’s the answers and the flimsy explanation as to what was happening in my head.

#1 It’s a bell, bells (when rang) go ‘ding’; June Whitfield or June from Terry And June; a dog having a wee on a tree – you were meant to put them together, mould the sounds together and eventually land upon the name of Ding Junhui.

#2 A pencil and pencils tend to feature a lot of lead; Lisa Scott Lee of Steps fame; Colin Firth as King Stuttery McStammer – put parts of them together and you should have got Ledley King.

#3 That’s a fence, take away the CE and you’re left with Fen; that’s an oar, then we have a sheep, but more a specifically, it’s a sheep going ‘baaa’; a clichéd t-shirt of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara – stick them all together and you get the name of Turkish football club, Fenerbahce.

#4 The nib of a fountain pen minus the ‘b’; this was tough – it was a women holding a drink and that drink happened to be a gin and tonic – it was difficult to tell; a woman in a bikini skiing and nice as the bikini was, it was intended to be misdirection that nobody fell for – take those clues and hopefully you got the name of Nijinsky – possibly the ballet dancer, but mainly the remarkable horse responsible for winning the only Triple Crown of the 2,000 Guineas, the Derby and the St. Leger since WWII.

As already bemoaned, I got plenty of correct answers which means the hat came out and a winner had to be drawn. The name of the lucky person chosen was that of Stuart James Brennan. Thanks to your impressive plugging of the competition around the interweb, the initial €50 Free Bet has blossomed into a wonderful €136 Free Bet. Thank you one and all. No doubt Stuart will be saying something similar as he lumps it all on Andy Carroll to be Premier League Top Goalscorer. On his FIFA 2012 game.

Thanks to everyone who entered and talked to me on Twitter or in the comments section. It made me feel needed and that’s really what these competitions are all about. Better luck next time to everyone who isn’t Stuart.
There’s more competition fun on the way. Although I use the term ‘fun’ loosely.


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