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And This Week Lady Luck Fancies …

by Aidan Elder | December 13, 2011

Well, as you can probably guess from the sheer amount of times the word ‘hat’ was mentioned in the comments section of last week’s competition post, there were quite a few people in the hat. Actually, if the population of the hat continues to grow at it’s current rate, we’re on course to exceed China by early 2013. That’s partially down to the one child policy, but it’s also down to the fact last week’s mind-bending torture of a puzzle wasn’t as difficult as I’d been expecting and it didn’t take long before people threw the answer back in my face with the type of casual ease that infuriates anyone trying to create mind-bending torture.

David Platt, Robbie Keane and basically any player from the British leagues who has ever set foot in Italy were popular guesses, but those guesses were far less annoying than whoever sent me a prayer by way of an answer. It was probably spam, but if the implication was this competition is so bad I’m going to hell, then someone needs to take it a little less seriously. The idea was to plonk the flags in cities with a couple of clubs so as to create a sense of ambiguity, but that didn’t really work and it was solved by a good few people. The cities I was trying to represent were Stoke, Derby, Turin, Leeds, London and Birmingham and accordingly the clubs were Stoke, Derby, Torino, Leeds, Chelsea and Aston Villa and if you got all those right, that should have pointed you in the direction of Tony Dorigo. Bad luck if you relied on Wikipedia too much because someone with too much time on their hands seems to have edited it to throw people off the scent, but an extra big well done if you got it right.

Last week all of our pimping the competition around the internet worked a treat and we’ve had similar success this week. We had lots of tweets and Facebook shares – someone even shared it on StumbleUpon and – I’ll be honest – I’ve been working on the blog for a long time and didn’t even know that was possible. All in all, the prize came to a whopping £/€118 Free Bet. Thanks to everyone who helped flog it to their friends and social network contacts and the person saying an extra big thank you on account of winning the prize is Hallam Wiltshire who was the person Lady Luck took a shine to this week.

Thanks again for all your entries, we’ll have more competition fun soon.


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