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We Have 3 Christmas Winners

by Aidan Elder | December 20, 2011

Well, I wanted the final blog competition of 2011 to be difficult and judging by the pretty paltry set of correct answers I was sent over the course of the last week, that’s proven to be the case. I believe that makes the scoreline for the year a pretty unanimous Aidan’s Tough Competitions 1People Easily Getting The Answer 51.

There was a trend to the answers and that trend seemed to be there was no problem getting the three fellas, but the woman was a bit of a struggle. In fact, some may say certain contestants exhibited an almost Amir Kahn like inability to recognise women in sport. Boom boom. Nothing like a bit of obscure BBC Sports Personality Of The Year humour. In no particular order, the answers were of course Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor, Johnny ‘the well timed drop goal’ Wilkinson, Caroline ‘Mrs. Golfing Mop Top’ Wozniacki, and Fernando ‘Splinters’ Torres.

There were very few correct answers, so if you got them right, but haven’t been drawn out of the hat, you can count yourself very unlucky indeed. Maybe you’ll get your little slice of luck when Santa finally delivers that Best Of Jedward CD you’ve been hankering for on Christmas Day. Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that the people with the right amount of sporting knowledge and jamminess are Dermot Burke, Ruairi McEntee and Jordon Dawson. They’ve all earned for themselves a €/£50 Free Bet which I’m reliably informed they’ll all be putting on the Vengaboys to be Christmas No. 1.

Thanks for playing and we’ll have more competition fun in the new year.


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