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Video: More Bad Tackles Than Paul Scholes Could Manage In Two Whole Games

by Rob Dore | January 6, 2012

No one likes to see a dangerous tackle being made, much in the same way no one likes to see people getting badly hurt in car accidents. It doesn’t stop every last one of us from slowing down to have a gawk at the pile-up on the other side of the motor way. A cry of: “Oh my god his head has come clean off!”: could illicit no response other than taking a long hard look at said dismembered head. You may recoil in disgust but you still look.

So here’s nearly ten minutes of the most shocking challenges Argentinian football witnessed in 2011. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, a very select few of you may get arroused, but you’ll watch them all the same. Enjoy, you weirdos.

Skip the first 1:45 mins to get to the good stuff.


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