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Video: The Best Goal Ever…of 2011…According To FIFA

by Rob Dore | January 10, 2012

It’s really quite amazing when you think about all the goals that were scored all over the world that the three best goals of 2011 would be scored by three of the most famous, FIFA loved players. I guess that’s what makes them so good and FIFA so farcical, I mean, good a picking the best things. Here’s the best goal of 2011 scored by Brazilian star Neymar. Of course he’ll have to move to Europe if he wants to stand a chance of winning the Ballon D’or. It’s not that the FIFA officials are corrupt, they’re just lazy.

All that said it’s a cracking goal. If you haven’t seen it before pay special attention to how he beats the last defender. A little touch of magic. I’m not saying FIFA is wrong, it’s just all very convenient don’t you think?


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