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Keep calm and punt as normal: it’s a Money-Back All Losers Saturday from Paddy Power

by Paddy Power Admin | January 12, 2012
Money-Back All Losers

OH NO YOU DIDN’T: If you suspect something isn’t right with your horse, take advantage of Paddy’s offer

Paddy has refunded £385k to punters so far this year and will continue the Money-Back madness on two races on Saturday January 12 and every Saturday in January.

The world’s favourite bookmaker woke with a monumental hangover on New Year’s Day and things got progressively worse as punters emptied his pockets to the tune of €150,000 and then followed it up by taking advantage of another €235,000 giveaway last weekend as horse racing punters continued to cash in on the Money-Back All Losers bonanza.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out so far because Paddy Power is going Money-Back All Losers on two races every Saturday in January. Including this Saturday. Why? Because it’s a Saturday and it’s January.

How do you find out the races Paddy will refund? We’ll shout all about it on Facebook, Twitter, the Paddy Power Blog and in shops as soon as the race starts.

The Money-Back All Losers offer goes like this…

1. Keep calm and punt as normal

Saturday brings quality jumps racing as the new Channel 4 team gets to grips with the season. See our race cards here.

2. Enjoy the action

Sit back, or stand up, and take in the sport of kings. Then, Paddy will spin the bottle to decide on two races to refund from Saturday’s racing. Why doesn’t Paddy tell people before the races? Firstly, that’s just madness. Secondly, we try to keep that element of surprise 😉

3. Check the results

Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter pages, here on the Paddy Power Blog, and in Paddy Power shops as we announce which races we’ve gone Money-Back All Losers on.

  • You’ve backed the favourite? He wins, you win.
  • Backed an outsider? He wins, you’re laughing.
  • If you’ve backed a donkey and it’s in one of Paddy Power’s Money-Back All Losers races – you get your money back. Bonus.

So enjoy the next few months of the jumps, and keep an eye out for any extra cash in your account thanks to this new Money-Back specials!

Some 14,000 loyal punters benefited from this monster offer on New Year’s Day and kick-started 2013 as more than €150,000 was refunded on all losers. It’s an act so generous it makes Roman Abramovich seem thrifty.

Here’s a picture of Paddy still on a Christmas sugar-high running the team through his well thought-out and in no way ill-conceived plan the other day. There was a king size Snickers out of shot in his right hand. Although it wasn’t there long.

Paddy Power Money-Back All Losers

Paddy Power dished out 424 Money-Back Specials in 2012. And yes, Money-Back All Losers is another biggie from your favourite bookie. We’ve got a feeling it will end in sugary tears, but it’s what Paddy wants, so we have to go with it. All you need to do is take advantage of this sugar dependency remarkable generosity. You can do that by making sure you check in with Paddy Power and keep on top of the latest horse racing news.

Money-Back All Losers – refunds so far

  • January 1 – Musselburgh 1.05 Bocciani wins @ 7/1 and Paddy Power refunds on ALL losers in this race (€100k; 8,000 customers)
  • January 1 – Exeter 3.15 Flying Award wins @ 11/2 and Paddy Power refunds on ALL losers in this race! (€50k; 6,000 customers)
  • January 5 – Chepstow 1.35 Ruacana wins @ 10/3 and Paddy Power refunds on ALL losers in this race! (€140k; 11,400 customers)
  • January 5 – Wincanton 2.40 Big Fella Thanks wins @ 6/1 and Paddy Power refunds on ALL losers in this race! (€95k; 11,200 customers)


  • Paddy Power will refund all losing bets from two races that take place in UK and Ireland that race day
  • The offer will apply on Saturday 12th January and every Saturday in January
  • The offer applies across all Paddy Power betting channels: online, shops, mobile, phone and text betting
  • Max refund: €100/£100 per customer per race.
  • Applies to win (and win part of each way) single bets only.
  • Does not apply to extra markets or betting in-running.
  • Does not apply to Tote bets.
  • A minimum of two race meetings must take place each day.

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