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We Have Our First Competition Winner Of 2012

by Aidan Elder | January 17, 2012

Well, I predicated it was an easy competition and that’s how it turned out. If you didn’t get the 4 out of 4 required to get your name in the hat, then please retract your leg to a punt position because you’re about to kick yourself. Here’s a run-down of the answers from last week’s competition and a brief explanation as to what was going on in my head.

1. Winnie The Pooh and friends; Peggy Mitchell from East Enders who I’m sure was sometimes referred to as ‘Peg’; lovers of camp portrayals of the works of Shakespeare will recognise those not-particularly threatening young gentlemen as the Jets from West Side Story = Winnipeg Jets

2. A field featuring hay bales; a man getting sick and is therefore ill; the vomit-educing refuse of the cocktail world, aka a Bloody Mary = Hail Mary

3. Toast which is clearly burnt; a seriously painful looking shoe; someone stirring a pot = Berndt Schuster

4. A doctor looking down a kid’s mouth, presumably getting him to say ‘aaaaahhhhh’; fans of space stations will recognise that as Mir; Hollywood star, James Caan = Amir Khan

Congratulations if you got inside my head to work all those out and bad luck if you’re too mentally stable to work out the thinking of a lunatic. It’s fair to say we weren’t snowed under with correct answers, so a fairly small hat was required and the name pulled out of that hat belonged to Stephen Collins who had the requisite smarts and luck to be called the winner of this week’s competition. Thanks to the shameless plugging of the competition around the world wide web, the original prize of a €50 Free Bet has been supersized into a €138 Free Bet which I’m told Stephen is putting on Ricky Gervais getting hospitalised after a beating from disgruntled Justin Bieber fans.

Well done Stephen and bad luck if you had bad luck on this occasion – keep plugging away would be my non-specific motivational advice to you.

There’s more competition fun on the way.


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