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Video: Real Madrid’s Pepe Is A Lunatic Part 583

by Aidan Elder | January 19, 2012

In comparison to his many of his shin-guard testing leg crunchers, standing on Leo Messi’s hand was one of Pepe’s least spectacular and stomach churning offences against football. But it was Leo Messi and not some journeyman footballer, so the footballing world reserves the right to go ballistic. The Special One – quickly becoming the hapless Wile E Coyote to Guardiola’s Roadrunner – again tasted failure in his latest scheme to take the wrecking ball to Barca and Pepe lived up to his reputation as an overly aggressive idiot with this act of petty, but admittedly painful violence.
This man makes Joey Barton look like a bastion of mental stability.

Last night v Barcelona

A while back against Getafe


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