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Video: Was It A Penalty?

by Rob Dore | January 26, 2012

As a Liverpool fan I obviously believe it was a bang on, no doubts whatsoever, couldn’t be any other way, penalty! Anyone who claims differently is either a moron or hates football.

Removing my red tinted fan specs and suddenly the incident becomes somewhat less conclusive. I personally believe that if a player goes in to a tackle with his hands in the air then he’s taking a risk. If the ball is blocked by the raised hands then yes it’s a free. However, this was a sliding challenge where the player got a foot to the ball which was then accidentally played on to his own hand. It was a harsh decision and one which I would have me screaming blue murder were my team on the wrong side of it. They weren’t and I’m going to Wembley at the end of February so tough titties City. You’re just going to have to settle for the Premier League instead.


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