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We Have A Winner (And An Apology)

by Aidan Elder | January 31, 2012

Hello and sorry.
That’s a greeting I’ve had to utter countless times in the course of my life, but on this occasion it has nothing to do with too many whiskeys and my naked rendition of My Way. It has come to my attention that there were a few little technical difficulties with last week’s blog competition. This issue was noticed early on and the changes made, but it would appear that the updated image only appeared to some people and the older image was still getting presented to others. Unfortunately, I was seeing the updated version and people were supplying me with the correct answers, so it was only belatedly that I took action to rectify the situation for all. I can only apologise and promise to be less selfishly incompetent in future.

By way of compensation, I’m going to have two prize draws this weekend – one as normal for the 1st prize and one ‘I’m sorry’ draw for the people who where led down the wrong garden path by the incorrect map. For this I’m going to presume anyone who had a incorrect guess was misled by the map as opposed to just being crap at guessing, throw all the incorrect answers into another hat and pick a winner.

So to the draw for the people who got it right. The answer I was looking for was Phil Chisnall and in keeping with the vaguely topical theme I sometimes go for, he was the last player to be directly transferred between those two great rivals of the East Lancs Road, Liverpool and Manchester United who played out the latest chapter in their long-running handbags at dawn in the FA Cup over the weekend. I put all the names in a hat and the winner drawn at random is Adam O’Mahoney. Thanks to all your sharing of the competition on the social networking sites of the world, he’s getting a Free £101 Bet which I’m reliably informed he’s putting on Carlos Tevez to join AC Milan and stay there for the next 15 years, without missing a single game due to injury, suspension or made-up homesickness. The best of luck with that one Adam.

Now that’s out of the way, I’ve emptied the hat and filled up with the names of people I’m presuming were led astray by the faulty map-work. The main beneficiary of this symbolic act of reconciliation is Donnacha De Condúin who was lucky enough to have his name pulled out of the headgear. He’s getting a €50 Free Bet which I’m told he’s going to use backing Djibril Cisse to top the ‘most different hairstyles in the Premier League’ charts by the end of the season.

Thanks to every who took part. If you didn’t win, sorry about the inconvenience of the technical problems and the lack of jamminess.

There’s more competition fun coming soon.


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