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We Have A Winner

by Aidan Elder | February 7, 2012

Wow, what a weekend of sport that was. None of the results went the way of my particular teams, but I was drunk for the majority of it and the comforting effects of alcohol somewhat dulled the effect of athletic incompetence on show.

Speaking of incompetence, it’s time for the answers to last week’s Whose Career Is It Anyway? competition. Because it was a bumper weekend of sport featuring athletes with limited barriers to their free movement between jobs, we asked you to identify the people from 3 sports by their career history and the answers are as follows:

First up was Alex Stepney. He started his career at the mighty Tooting and Mitcham, went to Millwall, then Chelsea, then Man Utd and finished his career at Altrincham. He had a spell in Dallas (thankfully not as Sue Ellen Ewing) which we didn’t include for fear of making it too easy, so well done if you figured that one out.

Next up was the rugby player, who was Welsh as you may have guessed from the volume of flags in Wales. It was former Wales international and current reality TV shill Gareth Thomas who played for Bridgend a lot, Pontypridd slightly less, the Celtic Warriors, Cardiff, Cardiff Blues and Toulouse, before joining the Crusaders in Super League towards the end of his career.

The last one was from the world of spandex and unnecessary grunting that is American Football. It’s Jerry Rice who went to college in Mississippi before racking up the records and Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers, then crossing the bay to join the Oakland Raiders and ending up in Seattle before winding up in One Tree Hill for some bizarre reason.

It was a tough test of general sporting knowledge and one that got the better of a lot of people judging by the lack of correct answers. One person who negotiate the minefield of trivia was Laurence Shaw. He was the lucky name picked out of my hat of quiz-ending jeopardy and thanks you’re your sharing of the competition around the web, he gets a Free £79 Bet.

Bad luck if you were clever enough to work out the answers, but lacked the requisite jamminess.
There’s more competition fun being cooked up as you read.


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