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For Harry, England And St George! – The Redknapp Reaction.

by Rob Dore | February 9, 2012

It’s been a whirlwind of ill-thought out opinions and scrolling yellow news tickers since Fabio Capello walked out of the England job in a blaze of noble fury. The access to twitter and desire to earn a few quid for a brief interview with Sky Sports News has seen some interesting views expressed – almost all of them suggesting that the setting up of the Harry Redknapp fan club would yield a large and immediate membership.

Some players and pundits have quickly voiced their support for Harry. Others have had a go at explaining the unique and possibly non-existent mix of characteristics needed in an ideal England manger while Alan Pardew – currently co-8th favourite and ice-cube hot 50/1 favourite for the job took his opportunity to say he wasn’t interested in the job. Er … thanks Alan.
We can rule you out of a run for the White House too? Sure why would he? That Newcastle gig has always been famously secure.

Paddy Power has, of course, already paid out on Harry taking the job. Some clever work by headline writers on the back pages of the rags today. We loved ‘Arry Verderci. Clever but cruel.

As ever, twitter has been the Fertile Crescent of dopey and even-midly xenophobic comments, in our opinion. It even got mentioned at the FA’s hastily assembled press conference when a journalist asked how the FA the viewed reaction from players on ‘social networks’ – words that seemed to resonate with the middle-aged man taking the lead like ‘please stop showing us your tits’ resonate with Denise Welch.

We’ve trawled through the best of today’s reaction, so you don’t have to. And by the ‘best of it’ we do mean the best of it, but make sure you go into it with fairly low expectations.

“Well, well, well, this debacle claims yet another victim. Where does this stop? No captain and no manager. 4 months from a major championship. What’s going on….” Joey Barton via Twitter
– Just stop it, Joey. if you want to go to Poland and Ukraine this summer then pay Ryanair like everyone else.

“Firstly, as an Englishman, I’m proud to be in that sort of frame, but it’s not for me and I’ll make that quite clear. I’m not even in the running as far as I’m concerned. I’m very, very happy here at Newcastle, we’re on a little project here that’s going really well and I want to see it through.” – Alan Pardew talking to reporters
– Says the Newcastle manager who put himself in to the frame and then promptly removed himself from said frame before anyone even noticed. It’s a good thing he told us.

“I think we need an English manager now, we don’t need anything else lost in translation….Harry Redknapp would be my choice by a distance.” – Rio Ferdinand via Twitter
– Kick ball, score goals. Pretty simple in any language.

“Gutted capello has quit. Good guy and top coach. Got to be english to replace him. Harry Redknapp for me.” – Wayne Rooney via Twitter
– Wayne clearly hasn’t heard what Keano had to say. Stop reading now Wozza.

“Don’t know if was just me but it never felt right in the first place knowing the England Manager was heading off after the Euros regardless.”
“Surely we will stick to an Englishman as our next manager. And that should run through the squad from players to tea lady IMO” – Michael Owen via Twitter
– There’s a Facebook unfriending from Mr Hargreaves in your near future. Not to mention the extra saliva in your tea.

“Wayne should keep his nose out of it. He didn’t do enough on the pitch when Capello was manager. Wayne should concentrate on being a player and not on who he wants as England manager.” – Roy Keane on ITV
– He’s just soooo angry. He does have a point about Rooney but why so angry? Someone give that man a hug. Won’t be us. We don’t do hugs.

“I’ve had to turn the job down myself because I’ve got a busy schedule at the moment.” – Paul Gascoigne to reporters
– We’d
give him the job. If only to guarantee some kind of entertainment.

“I can’t believe any Englishman wants a foreigner as manager of our country, I can’t believe there is one out there! We want an Englishman full of passion and commitment. We’ve had enough of these foreigners, they ain’t got no passion, no commitment. All they want is the money. Englishman in charge of England.” – Barry Fry
– The former Posh boss doing his best Jim Davidson impression. That wasn’t an impression? Oh dear.

morning people, pretty eventful off the field happening yesterday, wish Capello well, new dawn, renewed optimism for England fans. – Mark Bright via Twitter
– Summing up the England fans’ addiction to that new manager smell. It never lasts very long does it?


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