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Monday’s Big Five Football Stories

by Rob Dore | February 13, 2012

The way the football landscape has been changing recently, this piece may be redundant as soon as I click publish. So I’d better get a move on. Mick McCarthy becomes the first Premier League manager to go in 2012 but he’s not going to be the last. There’s Suarez, Tevez and King Harry to be dealt with too. Whatever your thoughts on these matters, it’s certainly been an interesting week.

Mick’s Off To Manage Leeds.
Mick McCarthy’s admirable honesty was only ever going to keep him safe for so long. Being hammered by West Brom at the weekend was the final straw and Mick has been given the push. Possibly in the direction of Elland Road where he’s now 13/2 to take over. He’s unlikely to be the last to go this season either with Andre Villas-Boas hanging on by a thread. Seen as an improved version of Mourinho, younger, less grating to the senses and plays a more attractive style of football. Roman Abramovic paid a lot of money to get the Portuguese manager to Stamford Bridge and the impatient Russian oligarch expected more than scratching around for a top four finish. A suspect defence, a misfiring frontline and a general sense that he doesn’t know what he’s doing sees his head on the chopping block. There are more Premier League managers in greater peril than Villas-Boas but this is the big one. Will AVB be next to go?

Premier League Sack Race
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“He’s A Disgrace” – Luis Suarez Finds A Way To Make Things Worse
After controversially snubbing United captain Patrice Evra’s handshake at Old Trafford on Saturday, Liverpool’s Luis Suarez was himself then snubbed by Rio Ferdinand. Realising how painful it is to be deprived of this human contact he had a change of heart after the game and apologised. Either that or Liverpool’s American owners ordered everyone to sort this out now or they’d all be shipped over to Boston in a freight container to play in the MLS next season.

Now look what he’s started:

Harry Redknapp is the greatest manager in the world, FACT!!
It’s in capitals with two exclamation marks. Either that’s one hell of an incontrovertible fact or there’s some heavy sarcasm in use here. After Spurs hammer Newcastle 5-0 with a typically swash-buckling display, Harry has now been officially conferred with the title of King of English Football. It’s surely only a matter of working out the details and wiring a large amount of money to Rosie’s account before his Royal Redknappness is confirmed as England manager. Roy Hodgson is hoping West Brom beating Wolves 5-1 is enough to force his way in to the reckoning, but it isn’t. If international football is what you’re after Roy then it’s off back to Finland you go.

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Zambia win African Cup of Nations
Congratulations to Zambia who beat the pre-tournament favourites Ivory Coast on penalties to lift their very first African Cup of Nations. A major international football competition which is most famous for annoyingly stealing players from the Premier League for a two-month spell every two years. Man City’s Kolo Toure and Arsenal’s Gervinho missed crucial spot-kicks in the penalty shoot-out, while Didier Drogba could have won the game in normal time but he too blazed over from the spot. That’s just what Chelsea need.

Drogba’s Missed Penalty:

Penalty Shoot-out:

Tevez on his way back?
Either Carlos Tevez is the greatest self-promoter since Muhammad Ali or he’s a massive tool. Should we even bother doing a poll on that one? The Man City striker has been back home in Argentina not getting paid to play golf for the last few months but he has continued to dominate the headlines over here. Tevez is due to return to Manchester and is now being welcomed back by Roberto Mancini, the man who swore the Argentine would never play for him, again after refusing to come on in that Champions League game against Batern Munich. Time, money and a lack of goals from Aguero and Dzeko heals all things, so it seems.

Tevez refusing to play:

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