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We Have A Winner And One Apparently Contrite Uruguayan

by Aidan Elder | February 14, 2012

To paraphrase Kenny Dalglish, ‘you’re bang out of order to suggest last week’s competition was overly complicated by the addition of some wishy-washy orange flags’.

The big sporting event of the weekend was the latest instalment of the Manchester United and Liverpool bitching-match, this time with the subplot of Premier League points up for grabs. ‘Will they shake hands?’, ‘Will it pass of peacefully?’, ‘Which specific brand of hypocrisy will Sir Alex commit this time around?’ were amongst the questions being asked and railing against the lingering antagonism surrounding the occasion, I attempted to heal the rifts via the medium of a vague theme to last week’s competition.

That theme was ‘hey, let’s chill out folks – remember the time we were all friends’ – and yes, I am giving a lame peace sign as I type which may explain some of the typoos. The career belonged to former Liverpool player, Old Trafford managerial legend and father of the Busby Babes (not biologically), Sir Matt Busby. As the last few years of his playing career coincided with a certain Austrian marching around Europe, he played for several teams around the country in exhibition matches, hence the uncertainty about the status or validity of the matches. The person who successfully navigated the treacherous combination of dubious criteria, bad map-making and football trivia was Chris Keenan and thanks to everybody’s generous sharing of this competition on the social networks of this world, he gets a Free £77 Bet. Well done, Chris and bad luck to anyone else who got the right answer, but lacked the requisite luck to be drawn out of my hat.

Anyway, Suarez said sorry, Liverpool said sorry, Dalglish said sorry, Man Utd said thanks and Liverpool said thank you for thanking us and sorry once more for good measure. It’s all over now and racism in British football no longer exists. Now let’s all join hands and sing a chorus of Ebony and Ivory. Ok, let’s not.

There’s more competition fun being cooked up in our laboratory of trivia.


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