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Paddy Power’s GAA Fight Club: The First Rule Is ‘Don’t Mention Turning Pro’

by Rob Dore | February 15, 2012

Paddy Power today announced they are taking bets on the next Inter County Board to be fined as a result of their teams field fighting.

This new GAA betting initiative was prompted by the dramatic increase in players fighting during games, witnessed as recently as last Sunday’s National League fixture between Monaghan and Kildare which resulted in both County Boards receiving hefty €5,000 fines.

Cork County Board have been installed as Paddy Power’s 10/1 favourites to pick up the next fine for players fighting followed by Dublin at 10/1 and Armagh at 12/1.

Paddy Power himself commented “Player fighting has become an unfortunate but unquestionably more frequent part of the modern game and as such, if you can’t get away from it, why can’t you bet on it?”

Next Inter County Board to be fined for field fighting:
10/1 Cork
10/1 Dublin
12/1 Armagh
12/1 Tyrone
12/1 Kerry
12/1 Limerick
12/1 Galway
12/1 Tipperary
14/1 Kildare
14/1 Clare
16/1 Antrim
16/1 Laois
16/1 Waterford
16/1 Kilkenny
16/1 Meath
16/1 Wexford
20/1 Derry
20/1 Monaghan
20/1 Down
25/1 Donegal
25/1 Fermanagh
25/1 Longford
25/1 Louth
25/1 Westmeath
25/1 Offaly
28/1 Wicklow
28/1 Sligo
28/1 Mayo
28/1 Roscommon
33/1 Cavan
33/1 Carlow
50/1 Leitrim


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