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by Aidan Elder | February 15, 2012

Things have moved on considerably since the days when we thought predictive text was the sort of high-tech development that involved a pact with the devil. Thankfully, the guys behind Paddy Power Mobile are far more tech-savvy. They’ve put that knowledge to good use with a couple of interesting developments in our mobile department.

First up, it’s our terrific Countdown to Cheltenham app which is live and FREE in the iTunes store now

Countdown to Cheltenham App

As the name suggests, it counts down to our favourite time of the year – the Cheltenham Festival. It’s incredibly handy because it gives you the precise time when the Festival begins allowing you to reschedule your life around the greatest jumps racing event of the year. Behold this common and not at all contrived scenario:

Person 1: Would you like to come to by BBQ in about 30 days?
Person 2: Well, a BBQ in March seems a little odd, but I’ll go with it.
*Checks Countdown to Cheltenham App which tells him Cheltenham is 20 days away*
Person 2: Yes, that’s fine, I’m not going to miss any of Cheltenham. I’ll bring the menu for a local takeaway for when this ill-conceived BBQ goes tits up due to predictably bad weather.
[Much laughing]

But there’s more. Every day in the build-up to Cheltenham, the app will give you a tip for the Festival and keep you up to date with all the latest Money-Back Special offers from Paddy Power. Even after Cheltenham begins, it will begin counting down to the start of the next race, which will come in very handy during the excitement of the 4 days in the Cotswolds.

Download it now to see how much better it makes your life.

The second piece of news is an update about the Paddy Power App in the iTunes App Store.
It had come to our attention that there were a few gremlins in it which made establishing which country you were in (necessary for legal reasons rather than nosiness), but we’ve fixed them.

Any problems you may have had before with the app finding your location are now a thing of the past. The app now checks your location the first time you open it and after that it will open without needing to check your location! So remember to upgrade to the latest version 1.5 in the app store! Appy Days!


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