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Video: Sporting’s Goalkeepers Being Pelted With Snowballs

by Rob Dore | February 20, 2012

Is there any better way for fans to express their displeasure than through the medium of snowballs? They hurt when thrown hard enough but don’t do any real damage, the fans can’t do any serious damage to each other with them and after being used they simply melt away in to the grass like magic. Unless the temperature is below zero in which case they’ll remain as balls of ice. Perhaps the players should be allowed to throw them back at the fans when they’re being abused.

Anyway, here are the Legia Warsaw fans pelting the Sporting goalkeepers before last Thursday’s Europa League match-up in Poland. If it were lighters and coins being thrown this would be horrific but it’s only hard balls of frozen water which makes it hilarious. The ref threatened to call the game off if they didn’t stop, so eventually they did and the world became a sadder place.


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