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Where Is Haye Hiding? – Tell Us Where And Win A Free Bet

by Rob Dore | February 20, 2012

Obviously we don’t care where David Haye actually is because it’s probably somewhere really dull like round his mum’s having a cup of tea. Which isn’t very funny, no offence Mrs Haye. What we’re after is the funniest, most ludicrous, wittiest, meanest suggestion you can think of for where the bashful boxer could be holed up as German police hunt him down for his past in the Dereck ChisoraVitali Klitschko post-fight madness/publicity stunt.

Put you answers on a postcard, hand that postcard to someone who knows how to use the internet and get them to post your suggestion in the comments section below. Remember to use the email address you have registered with your Paddy Power account otherwise there’ll be no way to give you the free bet. Minimum prize is €20 but this will rise depending on the number and quality of entries.

This Competition Is Now Closed!!!
There should have been at least four other people getting free bets but as they didn’t use an email address which is attached to a Paddy Power account, there’s no way for me to award it to them. So tough.

£20 free bets go to Chris Payn, Steven, Craig Osbourne and KeenBeen13 .


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